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Fix overlap flap, AAH tells CMS


BALTIMORE – AAHomecare has gone to bat for HME providers who are losing out on monthly payments from Medicare for claims that overlap inpatient stays.

Package pushes diabetes payments off a cliff

'I don’t know that Congress knows what they did'

WASHINGTON – Medicare payments for all diabetes testing supplies stand to be drastically reduced this summer.

In brief: Industry keeps up pressure, ResMed nears CEO decision


WASHINGTON – It's impossible to predict whether lawmakers will reach a deal on the so-called fiscal cliff by the new year, but HME industry stakeholders say don’t get distracted by the bigger picture.

MPP: Co-sponsor tally rises, watchdog group tries another tack


WASHINGTON – The week before Christmas, HME industry stakeholders wrapped up seven more co-sponsors for H.R. 6490, bringing the total to 87.

Clock ticks on MPP, Round 2


WASHINGTON – The HME industry is within spitting distance of its goal of 100 co-sponsors for H.R. 6490, a bill to replace the competitive bidding program with a market-pricing program (MPP).

Industry ratchets up MPP talk


WASHINGTON – HME providers lit up the Capitol Hill switchboard Dec. 4 and 5 with one message: Support the market-pricing program (MPP).

HME dodges tax bullet


WASHINGTON – A more detailed “facts and circumstances” test in the IRS’s final regulations for a medical device tax should ensure that “virtually all” HME falls under a retail exemption, industry stakeholders say.

Separate benefit: Stakeholders spark efforts for 2013


BALTIMORE – Industry stakeholders are ready to “hit the ground running” on a new bill to create a separate benefit for complex rehab, says Don Clayback.

HME will escape device tax


WASHINGTON – Most home medical equipment will be excluded from the Affordable Care Act’s medical device excise tax, industry stakeholders say.

HIDA endorses MPP


ALEXANDRIA, Va. – The Health Industry Distributors Association (HIDA) is urging all members, in light of concerns about enteral patients, to support H.R. 6490, a bill that would replace the current competitive bidding program with a market-pricing program (MPP).