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H.R. 284

Binding bids language heads to president’s desk


WASHINGTON – The Senate on Tuesday passed a “doc fix” bill that contains binding bids language.

Bid fight moves to Senate

‘We’ve got a lot more we need to accomplish’

WASHINGTON – No sooner had the House of Representatives passed a bill that would reform the competitive bidding program, than things started moving in the Senate. 

Bidding bill clears another huge hurdle


WASHINGTON – The U.S. House of Representatives on Monday sided with the HME industry and passed a bill that would reform the competitive bidding program.

Score! CBO estimates bill would increase revenue


WASHINGTON – The industry’s binding bids legislation got another boost yesterday when the Congressional Budget Office said that passing it could increase revenues.

In a statement, the CBO estimated that H.R. 284 would increase revenues by about $1 million.

House fast tracks bid bill

If passed, however, it would not apply to Round 2 re-compete

WASHINGTON – Industry stakeholders last week hailed a favorable vote that pushed legislation to reform the competitive bidding program a step closer to passage.

Bid bills need to move fast


WASHINGTON – With the bid window for the Round 2 re-compete of competitive bidding set to open this week, industry stakeholders are eyeing their options to fast track a pair of bills to reform the bidding program.