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Risk Management: Err on side of caution

Q. What documentation is necessary to mitigate future claims and protect me in a lawsuit?

A. When done right, good documentation tells a story. It paints a clear picture of the facts surrounding a claim—the classic who, what, when, where, why. But, of course, it’s no simple task.

Risk Management: Be proactive with rental equipment

Q. How can I prevent my rental equipment from disappearing?

A. It’s a common practice for HME providers to rent equipment to their patients. The arrangement works out well, for the most part. The patient doesn’t have to pay the full price of their device up front, and the provider gains a steady source of recurring revenue.

Get your bid bond


One of the many items to check off on the to-do list for HME providers planning to submit bids in Round 2021 of competitive bidding is obtaining $50,000 bid bonds for each CBA in which they plan to submit a bid.

Award winners: VGM Insurance, NCPA’s Jim Spoon


Waterloo, Iowa-based VGM Insurance Services has been named one of Business Insurance Magazines’s Best Places to Work for 2018.

Harassment in the workplace

What can you do to minimize the risk?

Allegations of sexual misconduct in the workplace dominated the headlines in 2017, resulting in Time magazine choosing the #MeToo movement as Person of the Year for raising awareness about sexual harassment and assault.

Short Takes: 3B Medical, VGM Insurance, InfuSystem Holdings


3B Medical has committed to allocating a significant portion of its profits to fund research adult autologous stem cell research for use in treatment of pulmonary fibrosis, diabetes and neurological diseases.

In brief: CGS gets contract, VGM Insurance gives away thousands


NASHVILLE – CMS has awarded CGS Administrators a $78 million contract for DMEPOS claims in Jurisdiction B, according to a press release. 

VGM Insurance gives $27,000 to charities


WATERLOO, Iowa – VGM Insurance Services has wrapped up its Quarter Century of Caring Campaign.

Over the course of a year, $27,000 was donated to charitable organizations.

Texas: Surety bond issues galore


AUSTIN, Texas – Texas Medicaid is deactivating some DME providers for not having a current surety bond on file, even though, technically, they do.

VGM Insurance at 25


WATERLOO, Iowa – VGM Insurance today looks a lot different than it did 25 years ago.