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Behind the scenes

CRT stakeholders off and running with companion bills

WASHINGTON – Tenacious efforts by providers, consumers and manufacturers led to last week’s introduction of a bipartisan Senate bill that would create a separate benefit for complex rehab, stakeholders say.

Promise of Senate bill energizes complex rehab efforts


WASHINGTON – Sen. Charles Shumer, D-N.Y., has agreed to introduce a Senate companion bill to create a separate benefit for complex rehab, Don Clayback, executive director of NCART, announced April 10.

Stakeholders ramp up complex rehab efforts


WALSENBURG, Colo. – NRRTS this week urged complex rehab stakeholders to call their members of Congress on April 10 and ask them to support a separate benefit category for complex rehab, according to a press release.

NRRTS ‘raises bar’ for new registrants


WALENSBURG, Colo. – A NRRTS registrant should have a “well-rounded” foundation in complex rehab—and new standards adopted Feb. 15 should help to ensure that, says Executive Director Simon Margolis.

'Now's the time' for complex rehab bill


WASHINGTON – In a Congress often divided by party lines, bipartisan support right out of the gate for a new bill to create a separate benefit for complex rehab may be just what it needs to succeed, stakeholders say. 

ATG, USM set transition path

‘2013 will definitely be a busy year’

ROCKY HILL, Conn., and ST. LOUIS – A combined ATG Rehab and United Seating and Mobility will have a whopping 124 locations in 39 states, but there may be room for further growth, say company execs.

Next target for NRRTS: Case managers


WALSENBURG, Colo. – NRRTS wants to make sure its registrants are on the radars of case managers, says Simon Margolis. 

Jolly good Fellow


WALSENBURG, Colo. – Weesie Walker is only the second person in NRRTS’s 20-year history to be named a NRRTS Fellow. She retired from her position as a branch manager for National Seating and Mobility in Atlanta in December.

Complex rehab in 2012: A year for consolidation


YARMOUTH, Maine – The national players in complex rehab have made a steady stream of acquisitions of well-known providers like Glass Seating and Mobility, Care Medical and Chesapeake Rehab—a development that leaves stakeholders to speculate over the implications.