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Medical supplies council monitors bid impact


ALEXANDRIA, Va. – Although AAHomecare’s Medical Supplies Council has a lot on its plate, it comes as no surprise that the impact of competitive bidding tops its agenda.

Diabetes: Post-bid, time to rethink Plan B


YARMOUTH, Maine – Providers barely had time to absorb the news that Medicare will pay for all diabetes supplies at the mail-order rate, when those rates were announced, far below the industry’s low expectations.

Membership has its privileges


BOCA RATON, Fla. – American Diabetes Services wants to be the online Costco of the HME world.

Remember IR? CMS sharpens price-cutting tool


BALTIMORE – CMS isn't stopping at competitive bidding to slash payments for diabetes supplies.

What about pricing?


When the winning bid amounts for mail order diabetes supplies were announced in the Round 1 re-bid, the industry was shocked by the average cut of 56%, compared to an average cut of 32% across all product categories.

Providers look for low-cost shipping options


When it comes to crafting a bid for mail order diabetes, providers will have to factor in a widely variable cost: shipping.

Briefs: Mail order provider scores perfect '10'


For the 10th straight quarter, Liberator Medical enjoyed "record net revenues," the company reported Nov. 19. Net revenues for the fiscal fourth quarter ending Sept. 30 were $11.49 million, up from $7.856 million for the same quarter in 2009. Net revenues for the year were $40.92 million, up from $25.82 million in 2009.

Mail order bids, test strip limits and the scary world of Medicare diabetes

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Here's an interesting question: Are the providers who accepted winning bids for mail order diabetes ticked off with the proposal to limit the number of times a d

Diabetes supplies clobbered


When the bid amounts for Round 1.2 of national competitive bidding were released in July, mail order diabetes supplies once again took the biggest hit--an average cut of 56% compared to an average cut, overall, of 32%.