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Lead Generation: Deploy 'scalable strategy'

Q. How can I be sure I am optimizing my lead generation efforts?

A. It is important to know that partnering with a lead generation firm is only half of the battle.

Lead Generation: Use lead generation as road map

Q. What can the HME industry take away from other industries when it comes to lead generation?


Telemarketing: It's easy to run afoul of rules


A lawsuit alleging Lincare violated telemarketing laws highlights just how complicated attracting new patients can be.

Lead Generation: Take the guesswork out of finding leads

Q. Why don’t more HME providers use lead generation?

A. Unfortunately, when HME providers hear “lead generation” there is often still a hesitation that exists with respect to outsourcing their acquisition methods.

Treat lead generation as an investment


The key to good lead generation is combining in-house and outsourced strategies, says Zeeshan Hayat, CEO of Prizm Media, who will speak at Medtrade Spring.