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Mike Mallaro

VGM’s Mike Mallaro on how to get to the other side


WATERLOO, Iowa – The COVID-19 pandemic has broken the mold for how the HME industry has always done business, but that can create opportunity—if providers are open to it, says VGM CEO Mike Mallaro.

VGM tops best workplaces


WATERLOO, Iowa – VGM Group has been named Iowa’s Top Workplace for large employers, the member association announced Sept. 25. “This is a great honor for our company to be ranked as the Top Workplace in Iowa,” said CEO Mike Mallaro.

Heartland ushers in new era, providers in tow

‘After three days…(attendees) said they felt optimistic’

WATERLOO, Iowa – Igniting ideas and cultivating connections was the ever-positive theme at last week’s Heartland Conference, now in its 15th year.

Opportunity knocks for HME


HME suppliers, large and small, are consolidating at a rapid pace. Case in point, German company Linde’s (Lincare) pending acquisition of American HomePatient. Expect to see more large deals happening in 2016.

Right man for the job

Things are lining up beautifully for VGM and HME, says new CEO

WATERLOO, Iowa – Mike Mallaro knows that one of his biggest responsibilities as CEO of The VGM Group will be maintaining late founder Van Miller’s legacy.

Mallaro takes reins at VGM


WATERLOO, Iowa – The VGM Group’s board of directors has appointed a familiar face to serve as the company’s CEO: Mike Mallaro.

VGM poised for growth with new Emerging Markets division


WATERLOO, Iowa – When change is upon you, the choice is either to resist it or commit to making it work.

Special report: HME industry forges a new identity

Sneak peek at October issue

YARMOUTH, Maine – In an industry that has become accustomed to incremental changes through the years, external forces are now combining to greatly accelerate the shift away from the old fee-for-service (FFS) Medicare system to a value-based payment model that p

At Heartland, providers learn about game changers


WATERLOO, Iowa – Reimbursement may be shrinking, but the HME industry is standing on the cusp of explosive growth, The VGM Group’s Mike Mallaro told attendees at the Heartland Conference last week.

These are the 'glory days of demand' for HME


ORLANDO, Fla. – There are HME products that people need—they just don’t know it yet.