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Branding: Put your name on display

Q. Where can I find branding opportunities?

A. After my first day at the American Society on Aging conference in Chicago, I was shocked. More than 3,000 professionals were in attendance and many that I spoke to were unfamiliar with HME.  

Branding: Spread the gospel

Q. Who are brand evangelists and how do I get them?

A. Brand evangelists are your business’s greatest fans. They not only purchase your products and services, but spread your message throughout their circles of influence.

Branding: Tap resources at hand

Q. How can I build a brand without spending a lot of money?

A. Building a brand can be overwhelming for small business owners when line items for marketing compete with payroll costs. With strategy and keen execution, businesses of all sizes can build a brand without breaking their budgets.

Branding: Be that company

Q. What is a brand and why does building one matter?

A. Coca-Cola, Nike, McDonald’s, Apple. 

Reporter's notebook: Drive Twitter traffic up, not away

Do's and don'ts to tweet by

The HME industry has picked up on Twitter and Dave Bargmann, senior consultant at A/R Allegiance Group, likes what he sees.