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Documentation update: Stakeholders push templates, e-prescribing


WASHINGTON – What’s to come of all of those draft clinical templates that CMS released in 2018?

There seemed to be a flurry of them last year, but the agency’s efforts in this area go back years, including a template for prostheses in 2013.

AAH: seeks payer relations professional, submits comments


WASHINGTON – AAHomecare is looking to add to its payer relations team.

CMS adds templates for enteral nutrition


WASHINGTON – CMS will host a Special Open Door Forum to allow feedback on draft templates and clinical data elements for parenteral nutritional therapy (order, progress note and lab test results) and enteral nutritional therapy (order and progress note).

CMS adds templates for RADs, PAPs and vents

Of the three, RADs top the improper payment rate at 63%

WASHINGTON – CMS unveiled the first drafts of clinical templates for respiratory-related items at a Special Open Door Forum April 19.

CMS revisits templates


WASHINGTON – CMS will once again hold a Special Open Door Forum on templates and clinical data elements for respiratory related items this Thursday at 3 p.m. EST.

Templates: Enlist therapist to document need

Q. What do therapists think about conducting exams?

 Q. What do therapists think about conducting exams?

A. Many physicians choose to defer to a physical or occupational therapist to conduct an appropriate mobility evaluation.  

Templates: Speed up turnaround time

Q. Can templates help me reduce delivery time?

A. Suppliers can realize significant cost savings by reducing delivery turnaround times when electronic prescribing and documentation tools are used.

Templates: Don’t let templates scare you

Q. Are templates viable today?

A. I thought the question regarding the use of templates for physician documentation was put to bed long ago. However, it seems I was wrong.

Templates: Cloud systems streamline procedures

Q. How does the cloud system work?

A. Interoperability conjures up a vision of some esoteric system straight out of Star Wars. However, it has such incredible value as to be vital in health care today.

Michael Blakey: Embrace templates, but do it right


When it comes to using templates confusion reigns. So HME News reached out to Michael Blakey to clear a few things up.