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DIabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition

Diabetes group calls on Congress to #SuspendBidding


TAMPA, Fla. – With drastically reduced payment amounts for diabetes test strips looming, advocates have taken to social media to call for a suspension of Medicare’s competitive bidding program.

Diabetes organizations want bid program stopped


TAMPA, Fla. – The Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition has launched a campaign calling for the immediate suspension of competitive bidding for diabetes testing supplies.

Tech watch: CGMs change game for diabetes

By Theresa Flaherty, Managing Editor

WASHINGTON – Diabetes advocates say it’s high time for Medicare to cover continuous glucose monitors.

Diabetes: Search for safety, quality and access collides in bid markets


As a parent of two children with Type 1 diabetes, and fighting a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes himself, Bennet Dunlap is all for lower cost testing supplies.