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West Virginia lawmakers go to bat for HME


WASHINGTON – A group of senators and representatives from West Virginia has sent a letter to CMS Administrator Seema Verma saying the agency’s May 9 interim final rule “does not go far enough” to ensure continued access to DME for the elderly and disabled in rural areas.

IFR comments pass 100 mark


WASHINGTON – A competitive bidding-related interim final rule had 136 comments on Monday, July 9, the deadline.

CMS releases adjusted reimbursement rates for rural areas


WASHINGTON – CMS last week published the adjusted reimbursement rates that will go into effect for seven months in rural areas.

Rural residents will have to travel dozens of miles for HME


WATERLOO, Iowa – Residents in rural states will have to travel further to reach an HME provider when Medicare applies competitive bid pricing nationwide on Jan.

CMS releases fee schedule amounts for rural areas


WASHINGTON – CMS has released revised fee schedule amounts for 11 product categories as part of its national roll out competitive bidding on Jan. 1.

Senators introduce bill to address rural expansion


WASHINGTON – A bipartisan bill to “smooth the transition” to competitive bid pricing in rural areas dropped today in the Senate.

Nat’l roll out starts to take shape

List of rural zip codes is out, pricing is not far behind

WASHINGTON – All eyes last week were on CMS’s preliminary list of rural zip codes for the national roll out of competitive bidding, with HME providers doing business in those areas set to feel a little less of a cut.

CMS releases zip codes, fee schedule format


WASHINGTON – CMS has released a revised fee schedule format and a preliminary list of rural zip codes for the national roll out of competitive bidding.

National pricing for Medicare looms large

‘It’s not pretty,’ says provider in the Dakotas

YARMOUTH, Maine – HME providers, especially those in rural areas, are making tough business decisions in preparation for Medicare’s national rollout of competitive bidding pricing on Jan. 1.