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Jana Macon

Technology: Make the switch

Q. What technology is needed to support automation objectives?


Technology: Measure it, manage it

Q. Can tracking metrics help me gain visibility into my business?

A. Typically when we receive questions about tracking metrics, they are from providers searching for ways to improve their business, but unable to determine which areas to focus on.

Technology: Connect and exchange data

Q. What is interoperability and why is it so important?

A. Interoperability is the ability to share healthcare data across the care continuum. It is a key emerging trend in the HME industry, and is becoming equally important to all healthcare-related organizations.

Technology: Platform is everything

Q. What is the ideal technology platform for an HME provider?

A. Technology platforms typically fall into two distinct models: older on-premise client-server deployments and modern cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings.