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Cyber attacks? Providers say they’re armed


YARMOUTH, Maine – A recent ransomware attack on healthcare organizations in more than a dozen countries served as reminder to HME providers of the importance of investing in cyber security.

Cyber Security: Play offense

Q. How can I protect my company from future threats?

A. According to Ernst & Young, only 38% of businesses are prepared for a cyber-attack. While companies are slow to rise to the threat, cybercriminals are ramping up the sophistication and speed of their attacks.

Cyber Security: Be a PHI poster child

Q. How do you keep your patients/customers cyber-safe?

A. In 2015 alone more than 100 million patient health records were compromised. Fully protecting patient information has become a never-ending fight, according to the Office of Civil Rights under Health and Human Services.

Cyber Security: Secure the human

Q. Are your employees a cyber security asset or liability?

A. Your employees are your greatest asset, but when it comes to cyber security, they are also your biggest threat. According to a recent study by McAfee, 43% of all company data loss or breaches are caused by employees and only half are accidental.

Cyber Security: Build a good defense

Q. Am I at risk for a data breach?

A. The best defense is a good offense is a common saying in the Marine Corps and should be in cyber security. Most small businesses think they are too small to be attacked but, in the enemy’s eyes, you are a soft target.

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