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S. 2312

Omnibus bill moves forward without industry’s interests


WASHINGTON – Despite a mammoth push, two pairs of HME-related bills are not included in the omnibus spending package that lawmakers have on the table this week, according to AAHomecare.

It’s the 11th hour for bid bills

‘This is (the industry’s) Alamo,’ says VGM’s John Gallagher

WASHINGTON – Industry stakeholders hit the ground running last week with the introduction of a second bill that would lessen the impact of competitive bidding.

House bid bill drops


WASHINGTON – A House bill that would lessen the impact of competitive bid pricing in non-bid areas was introduced today.

Senate bill revives fight against bid program


WASHINGTON – Stakeholders say the HME industry’s “work has just begun” now that a bill aimed at softening the blow of competitive bidding has finally been introduced in the Senate.