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Dr. Joseph Krainin

Keep it clean


For the millions of people living with sleep apnea, CPAP machines can be life-changing, but regular upkeep is required to maintain their peak performance.

Providers ask, what’s next?

‘The Medicare model is not a lasting model,’ says speaker Wayne Slavitt

CHARLESTON, S.C. – Bernie Zimmer, Wayne Slavitt and Dr. Joseph Krainin all have different approaches to the HME industry, but they all believe this: Play the hand you’ve been dealt.

Sleep startup removes barriers to care


MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. – A virtual sleep center wants to put the power of health care back into the hands of patients, says its founder.

Modern life makes 'recipe' for sleeplessness


Dr. Joseph Krainin’s passion is sleep. It’s what he trained for. Still, in the weeks since he launched Singular Sleep (See story, page 1), he’s learned just how poor a grasp the average person has about sleep health.