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Tougher times ahead: Impact of rate cuts pile up


YARMOUTH, Maine – A whopping 65% of respondents to a recent HME Newspoll say they can sustain their businesses for less than a year, if they don’t get reimbursement relief.

VGM fights back with data


WATERLOO, Iowa – Results from The VGM Group’s “Supplier Impact Survey” debunk CMS’s claims that its competitive bidding program hasn’t affected access to home medical equipment.

Nowhere to hide: Reimbursement cuts multiply

‘We cannot survive’ wrote one poll respondent

YARMOUTH, Maine – Third-party payers have wasted no time applying recently reduced Medicare pricing, respondents to the latest HME Newspoll say.

Senator presses CMS on bidding


WASHINGTON – Industry champion Sen. John Thune recently asked CMS officials if six months is long enough to monitor the impact of rolling out competitive bid pricing nationwide.