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ASP: Budesonide takes a dive


BALTIMORE – Second quarter payments for respiratory drugs are up in most cases, with the exception of Budesonide (J7626), which decreased sharply, down nearly 73 cents per dose.

ASP: Budesonide reverses course


BALTIMORE – When it comes to nebulizer medication pricing, one quarter you’re up; another quarter you’re down.

ASP: Budesonide gets big boost


BALTIMORE – Things are looking up for several respiratory medications in the latest average sales price (ASP) figures. For the fourth quarter 2013, budesonide (J7626) took the biggest leap, up 85 cents to $5.95 per dose.

ASP: Budesonide back down


BALTIMORE – Pricing for budesonide took a plunge in the latest average sales price (ASP) figures for respiratory medications released in March.

Prices, audits stay the course


BALTIMORE – Brand-name Brovana took a hit in the latest average sales price (ASP) figures for nebulizer medications, but otherwise there were few major changes.

Providers threaten neb-med changes


As of Oct. 1, provider Sam Jarczynski no longer planned to dispense budesonide.