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Buying Triggers: Pull data, analyze, repeat

Q. How can I measure buying triggers for sales analysis?

A. Let’s assume that you have determined your top buying triggers, you’ve found a way to quantify why people need products, and you know why they are choosing your company. The next step is to set up a six-month analysis.

Buying triggers: Recognize your reputation

Q. How do I use buying triggers to refine my sales process?

A. Depending on your process, you will identify your standard buying triggers within the first three months of tracking them.

Buying Triggers: Find out why they chose you

Q. How do I discover my customer’s buying triggers?

A. The two key HME buying triggers are “the reason they need a product or service” and “why they choose your company over your competitor.” The first buying trigger is easy to obtain. The second, on the other hand, is not so simple.

Buying Triggers: Capture and quantify

Q. What is a buying trigger?

A. A buying trigger is the circumstance, pain point, or change-event that causes a prospect to begin a buying process with you. Anyone trained in sales best practices knows the power of a pain point when it comes to closing a deal.