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Melissa Seitz

Human Resources: Make positive first impression

Q. Should you have a formal onboarding process for new hires?

A. An effective onboarding program takes work and planning to ensure new team members can hit the ground running and feel welcomed from day one.

Human Resources: Recognize, reward, repeat

Q. How do we make rewards and recognition a habit?

A. It seems like such an easy phrase to say and a common sense reaction, but all too often it is a phrase that isn’t used enough, not only in our personal lives but also in the workplace.

Human Resources: Establish protocol for injuries

Q. How should I handle a worker’s injury?

A. Many questions run through any manager’s or supervisor’s mind when an employee comes to them about an injury or incident.

Human Resources: Find adaptable drivers

Q. I have delivery experience. Am I hired?

A. We hear that phrase all too often. A person seeking employment will simply see “driving experience or delivery experience” and think, I can do that, I can drive and I know the area.