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ConvaTec adds distribution business


READING, United Kingdom – ConvaTec, a global medical products company, has agreed to pay nearly $121 million for Woodbury Holdings, a distributor of incontinence and catheter supplies.

Cure Medical launches new website


NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. – Cure Medical has launched a new website,, to highlight its expanded portfolio of intermittent and enclosed system catheters. The site will also feature customized content for customers, medical professionals and HME providers.

Cure Medical embraces new role as innovator


NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. – Cure Medical’s recent launch of the M14XL intermittent catheter, the longest available on the market today, is only the most recent example of how the company prioritizes end users.

Liberator strengthens C.R. Bard’s direct-to-consumer platform


STUART, Fla. – Liberator Medical got a “strong price” when it sold to C.R. Bard recently, analysts say.

This week on Access Health: Guests from Hollister


LIBERTYVILLE, Ill. – Guests from Hollister will be featured on the Jan. 14 episode of Access Health, a health and wellness series on Lifetime, to discuss catheters.

Burmans changes channel on advertisers


BROOKHAVEN, Pa. – Tired of losing catheter patients to TV advertisers offering free samples, provider Steve Burman decided it was time to reintroduce his company.

Burmans reaches out to catheter market


BROOKHAVEN, Pa. – Burmans Medical Supplies has launched an outreach campaign aimed at the growing number of catheter users. That staff at Burmans is trained to deal discreetly with issues related to catheters, according to a press release.

Coated catheters need distinct HCPCS code


In the current HCPCS fee schedule, hydrophilic coated and uncoated intermittent catheters (IC) are lumped together within the same three codes (A4351-52-53).

Up for review: catheters


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – CGS, the Jurisdiction C DME MAC, will conduct a service-specific review of certain intermittent catheters (A4351, A4352 and A4353), it announced Aug. 20.

UroMed dispenses dating advice, urologicals


SUWANNEE, Ga. – He’s not exactly Dear Abby, but when Bert Burns visits hospital patients with spinal cord injuries, the biggest questions he gets are all about relationships.