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Ross Burris

Expect audits to get more aggressive


atlanta – When ZPIC auditors come calling, it’s important not to throw up your hands in surrender because there’s too much at stake, said healthcare attorney Ross Burris.

ALJ Appeals: Be prepared from the start

Q. How can I bolster my chances of success at an ALJ hearing?

A. A supplier that disagrees with a Qualified Independent Contractor’s reconsideration decision is entitled to a hearing before an administrative law judge.

ALJ Appeals: Pay attention to details

Q. What are some best tips for defending claims—from ADR letters to ALJ appeals?

A. A home medical equipment supplier can protect its profit margins from recoupment by establishing a compliance culture that collects adequate documentation and submits proper billing claims, but it is equally important for a supplier’s bottom line to defend and appeal erroneous Medicare recoupments.