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Merchandising: Think complementary, strategic

Q. How can I merchandise my inventory more effectively to increase my sales per customer metric?

A. One of the toughest parts of running a retail store is getting people to visit.  This is especially true for specialty retailers, like HME stores.

Merchandising: Change it up

Q. What are inexpensive ideas to freshen up the look of my store?

A. Keeping your store looking good is so important and it doesn’t have to cost much. If you ever shop at Costco, you’ll notice that they are continuously moving merchandise around.

Merchandising: Watch the signs

Q. Is department signage important?

A. Department signage is ubiquitous in retail. Imagine walking into a Home Depot without signage directing you to a department. For most retail HME stores, however, I think it’s unnecessary.

Merchandising: Make your store POP

Q. Some of my vendors want to send me point-of-purchase materials for my store. How do I decide which ones would be most effective?

A. If your vendors want to send you POP materials, be happy. Only a handful of HME vendors understand retail and the need to help you be “retail friendly.”