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mail order diabetes supplies

Extended bid contracts? ‘Either way you lose’


YARMOUTH, Maine – If CMS decides to extend current competitive bidding contracts, a slight majority (53%) of respondents to a recent HME Newspoll say they would accept them—reluctantly.

Mail-order program creates 'vicious cycle'


CHICAGO – Many national mail-order contract suppliers aren’t carrying the diabetes testing supplies beneficiaries get prescribed, says the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE).

Simplex refutes ‘No Call’ allegations


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A national provider of mail order diabetes supplies denies allegations that it has violated telemarketing laws in Missouri.

Level the playing field


As a small business owner in the DME industry, I for one think it is about time CMS and Congress recognize the enormous disparity between mail order and non-mail order reimbursements (“Diabetes payments pushed off a cliff,” HME News, February 2013).

A winner reflects


FLETCHER, N.C. – Marcus Suess won mail-order contracts for diabetes supplies in all nine competitive bidding areas in Round 1, but he says the jury’s still out on how well the program works—for providers and beneficiaries.

In brief: Few changes in new ASP figures


BALTIMORE – The new average sales price (ASP) figures for nebulizer medications released in September brought few changes. Albuterol (J7613) was down 2 cents to 13 cents per dose, while budesonide (J7626) was down nearly 11 cents to about $4.87 per dose.

What happens to retail diabetes supplies under 15% cut?


YARMOUTH, Maine – There's no official timetable, but it's unlikely CMS will drag its feet on pushing forward with its plan to use inherent reasonableness (IR) to reduce reimbursement for retail diabetes supplies, industry stakeholders say.

Retail diabetes: How low will CMS go?


BALTIMORE – It was mail order vs. retail during last week's public hearing on inherent reasonableness (IR) for retail diabetes supplies, according to sources who attended the hearing.

Industry girds for battle on diabetes supplies


BALTIMORE – The message that industry stakeholders plan to send CMS at today’s public hearing: Think long and hard about the potential impacts of reducing reimbursement for retail diabetes supplies.