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Todd Usher

Tactical Back Office offers remote, turn-key employees


MINDEN, Nev. – As more people are ordered to stay home due to the coronavirus, Tactical Back Office’s business model fits the world “like a glove,” says Todd Usher.

Home Oxygen Company, Philips partner on ‘virtual’ model


MODESTO, Calif. – Provider Todd Usher says there’s a better way to get patients set up on oxygen and it doesn’t involve delivery trucks.

Non-delivery delivers results

Provider Todd Usher says technology and a non-delivery model have given hime a 'fighting chance'

The cornerstone of Home Oxygen Company is its non-delivery model, says co-founder Todd Usher. The Modesto, Calif.-based provider started out as an oxygen provider in 2007 and has grown to include a full line of home medical equipment and supplies.