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Melissa Kozak

Efficiencies: Get out of the box

Q. How do I cut down on wasted supplies sent to patients?

A. The issue of wasted supplies has been carefully studied in healthcare, as providers continue to look for ways to cut costs.

Efficiencies: Go out and talk to your patients

Q. How do I improve my patient experience?

A. The best way is to go out and talk to your patients. Find out what their current experience is. It may sound too simple, but it’s a critical step rarely taken.

Efficiencies: Explore phone alternatives

Q. Do I need to hire a call center or answering service?

A. When you ask companies why they provide phone support, they’ll usually say because their customers often want real help from a real person, right away.

Efficiencies: Evaluate business processes

Q. Is your business prepared to grow and scale profitably?

A. If you’re like many home infusion providers, you focus most of your attention on improving the health of your patients. But what about the financial health of your business?