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Home mods providers now have nat’l org


DULUTH, Minn. – In another nod that it’s a specialized but growing market, the Midwest Association for Medical Equipment Services has opened up its Home Modification Accessibility Committee to providers nationwide.

VGM rebrands home accessibility division


WATERLOO, Iowa – VGM Group has rebranded Accessible Home Improvement of America, known as AHIA, to VGM Live at Home.

Tax credit could be boon for home modifications


The home medical equipment industry is poised to benefit from the “aging in place” movement, especially on the home modification front.

Making the case


On potential need

“We’re going to have 8.3 million people over 80 in 2030,” said Jim Greatorex, vice president of Accessible Home Improvement of America, a division of the VGM Group, “and we have homes for less than half of them that they can be safe in and live in and thrive in in their senior years.”