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Rehab sales: No margin, no mission

Q. I seem to be making more choices about money than about clinical excellence. What should I do?

A. We’ve seen reimbursement become tougher and tougher over the years and your employers have become more and more squeezed for profit. When I was in the hospital contract management business, CEO Sister Mary Jane Beth Sue said to me, “Sonny, no margin no mission!”.

Rehab sales: Gain commitment

Q. How do I get a commitment or sale without coming off like a used car salesperson?

A. So far, we’ve established a relationship with our prospect (a prospect is someone you want as a customer) by:

Understanding their needs

Aligning expectations

Rehab Sales: Ask the right questions

Q. How can I be more influential or persuasive with a skeptical customer?

A. As we discussed in the last article, the first steps toward providing a great solution are to clearly understand the problem that needs to be solved and to make certain that you and your customer are in agreement.

Rehab sales: Identify your customer

Q. I am an ATP. Who is my customer?

A. The past several years have seen the rehab industry shift and change due to, among other things, provider and supplier consolidation. Along with this consolidation comes an institutional focus on margin that places a relatively new pressure on individual ATPs.