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Outsourcing: Track the right metrics

Q. What metrics should I track for success in my business

A. When did you last check your HME company’s metrics?

Outsourcing: Analyze net revenue, actual cash

Q. What measure should I use to track revenues?

A. HME providers are split on how best to measure and recognize revenue in their businesses. In general, measures are organized into four camps:

In brief: CRT bill heads to governor’s desk, Roche sues pharmacy network


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The Tennessee State Legislature has enacted legislation to create a “separate benefit” category for complex rehab technology.

Prochant launches metrics white paper


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Prochant, a provider of HME billing and outsourcing services, has released a white paper, “Are You Tracking the Right Metrics?” to help providers track metrics that are critical to success.

Outsourcing: Streamline, automate your cash posting

Q. What are the best practices for my cash posting process?

Cash posting is an essential part the revenue cycle. Accurately applying payments, adjustments, and denials to line items in your A/R remains the key to success – one that your billing team probably knows like the back of their hand.

Outsourcing: Set expectations for success

Q. How can HME providers improve their business through outsourcing?

A. It is a new year! Is it also time for a new business strategy?

Session spotlight: Measure it, or it never happened


ATLANTA – Do you know what your HME company’s key performance indicators are?

Measure it, or it never happened


ATLANTA – Do you know what your HME company’s key performance indicators (KPI's) are? Chances are you don’t, but according to experts, you definitely should.

Prometheus Group turns Prochant

‘That’s an important element of modern marketing—making up a word and owning it, like Facebook and Spotify’

RALEIGH, N.C. – It’s a bold move to change the name of a company that has been in the HME industry for about 20 years, but that’s just what The Prometheus Group, now Prochant, has done.

Billing systems: Look beyond claims, invoices


Everything in an HME business is connected, so having an IT system that gives providers a panoramic view of their operation makes more sense than having siloed systems designated for specific departments, automation proponents say.