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Prochant: ‘HME is no longer just HME’

Company expands into pharmacy, home infusion

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Prochant is applying its “existing capabilities” in the HME market to the pharmacy and home infusion markets, and charging Jon Love, its new vice president of business development, with leading the way.

Prochant expands into infusion pharmacy market


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Prochant now offers its billing and process outsourcing solutions to infusion pharmacies and current HME provider clients that administer infusion therapies.

Prochant offers resupply guidance


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – HME resupply is a smart solution for operating in the new normal, according to a new best practices white paper published by Prochant.

Pandemic elevates potential of IT in HME


The “social distancing” practice brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic presents HME providers with an opportunity to step out of their comfort zone and demonstrate how information technology can play a huge role in remote patient care.

In brief: CMS grants bond allowance, Dasco partners with PE firm


WASHINGTON – CMS is allowing providers to submit surety bond riders and/or page two of their bid surety bonds to make sure they meet Round 2021 requirements.

Coronavirus updates: CareCentrix, Prochant, VirtuOx


CareCentrix has extended its home telehealth platform at no cost to its network of more than 8,000 home health locations.

In brief: Rowheels ‘redefines’ distribution channel, Heartland registration opens


MADISON, Wis. – Rowheels has launched, an online marketplace for rehab equipment from the top manufacturers and brands.

Industry thought leaders issue white paper


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Joey Graham and Ty Bello have published a white paper “2021 & Beyond: From Surviving to Thriving.”

Outsourcing: Track the right metrics

Q. What metrics should I track for success in my business

A. When did you last check your HME company’s metrics?

Outsourcing: Analyze net revenue, actual cash

Q. What measure should I use to track revenues?

A. HME providers are split on how best to measure and recognize revenue in their businesses. In general, measures are organized into four camps: