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Succession planning: Map out exit strategy

Q. How and when should I tell clients about our succession plans?

A. You don’t want to wait until a referral source asks the inevitable question of when you are going to retire. In small to medium sized companies, clients often associate their experience with the CEO.

Succession planning: Start planning well in advance

Q. When and how should I start thinking about a succession plan?

A. Begin planning well before a successor will be needed. Start with skill building for the identified core group of staff. Teach and train leadership techniques to the most skilled and talented group of employees at your company.

Succession planning: Don't get caught without a plan

Q. Is succession planning important for every organization?

Yes, succession planning is essential for every organization regardless of size because it demonstrates planning ahead and developing strategies, programs and people for the future and for inevitabilities.

Succession planning: Identify future leaders

Q. If I asked one of your core employees if you have a succession plan, what would they say?

A. If you asked the leaders about their HME company’s succession plan, they would likely say they don’t have one and don’t know exactly what a succession plan entails.