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State round up: Florida, Louisiana, Ohio


AAHomecare has submitted a letter to Sunshine Health and Wellcare in Florida, expressing its concerns with the consolidation of services under one company and the state’s history of failure with such an arrangement.

Payers tighten their control

Of a recent Centene-WellCare merger, one provider cited Centene’s ‘track record’ in Illinois

ST. LOUIS – As big payers get ever bigger, HME providers and stakeholders fear the impact these monopolies could have on the market.

Centene, WellCare merger finalized


ST. LOUIS – Centene Corp. has completed its acquisition of WellCare Health Plans, creating what it calls the leading healthcare enterprise focused on government-sponsored healthcare programs.

MS Supply takes on WellCare


TAMPA, Fla. – MS Supply and Home Health Company, a mom-and-pop provider, has filed a lawsuit against WellCare, claiming the managed care organization owes it more than $1 million.