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Not playing around

Providers that mean business need CRM, say PlayMaker CRM and VGM

FRANKLIN, Tenn. – PlayMaker CRM is trying to stake a claim for itself in the HME market by offering a system tailored to the provider-referral source relationship.

AHIA to launch home-mods app


WATERLOO, Iowa – Accessible Home Improvement of America will launch a new app called Live at Home on Oct. 26 at Medtrade.

VGM takes bid show on road


WATERLOO, Iowa – The VGM Group will take to the road again with its Fall Seminar Series on competitive bidding. The fall/early winter series will be held in a dozen metropolitan regions encompassing the nine Round 1 2017 bid areas.

VGM links up with CRM provider


WATERLOO, Iowa – The VGM Group has partnered with PlayMaker CRM to help HME providers better manage their relationships with referral sources.

Exec team revamped


In addition to launching its new Emerging Markets division, the VGM Group is appointing several new faces to its executive team.

VGM Forbin names new president


WATERLOO, Iowa – Jeremy Kauten is the newest member of the VGM Group’s executive team. Kauten was promoted to president of VGM Forbin, VGM’s web development and marketing division.

VGM poised for growth with new Emerging Markets division


WATERLOO, Iowa – When change is upon you, the choice is either to resist it or commit to making it work.

Sales: Provide road map for success

Q. Why is it important for DME providers to train their sales staff in selling?

A. Most people think sales people are “born” to sell. I disagree. I think some people are just born with the gift of gab and people mistake it for having the ability to sell. Selling is a skill that is honed and developed over time.

HME by the numbers


We’re inundated with numbers these days. 

VGM Group defends against audits


WATERLOO, Iowa, and ATLANTA – In a move designed to enhance its ability to provide more comprehensive audit defense services to its members, The VGM Group recently merged with audit specialists, The van Halem Group.