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Ditching delivery

Oxygen delivery goes way of dinosaur


The “new normal” in Medicare oxygen might be the toughest business challenge respiratory providers have had to face in their history.

Sleep therapy market rises above the din


As one of the strongest-performing categories in home medical equipment, sleep therapy is moving forward despite external factors that could slow it down, market vendors say.

Automation allows real-time data dives


No longer should automated claims processing and administrative systems be seen as things that are “nice to have.” With financial difficulties from Medicare competitive bidding and RAC audits, using information technology to account for every dollar and asset has become a

Incontinence: All about service, samples


Incontinence supplies have earned a reputation over the years as being a commodity item, with huge pallet loads of disposable undergarments sold for penny profits at big-box stores.

One-stop shop essential for bariatric sales


HME manufacturers are throwing a lot of weight behind bariatric versions of products as consumer demand continues to grow.

Today, O&P means 'opportunity and profit'


As the HME industry gradually shifts from a reimbursement-based to a cash-based business model, providers are taking a fresh look at categories once thought to be unprofitable.