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Seat elevation study ramps up


EXETER, Pa. – A study to examine how seat elevation technology can improve the everyday lives of wheelchair users is off the ground.

Z diagnosis codes are in


The DME MACs have agreed to add several ICD-10 Z diagnosis codes to applicable sections of the Wheelchair Seating LCD.

Back in business

‘As a cash product that can also be rented, it’s a good way for companies to generate revenue, which kind of makes it the Holy Grail’

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – How do you go from working in a pumpkin patch to selling a “re-invented” crutch?

CMS comes through on wheelchair accessories

‘We have a little extra bounce in our steps’

WASHINGTON – With only days to spare, stakeholders have succeeded in getting CMS to refrain from cutting reimbursement for accessories for complex rehab power wheelchairs.

NSM sees ‘steady growth’ in home accessibility


FRANKLIN, Tenn. – National Seating & Mobility launched its home accessibility business in 2015 and thanks to its recent acquisition of Columbus Medical Equipment in Columbus, Ohio, it now has 14 AcccessNSM locations in 12 states.

NRRTS backs users on Capitol Hill

‘We saw this as an opportunity to show our cohesiveness’

WASHINGTON ­­– When wheelchair users rolled onto Capitol Hill last week to advocate for a number of issues, they had official support from NRRTS for the first time.

Ahead of expansion, PA process runs smoothly

Providers report reasonable turnaround times, decent affirmation rates

WASHINGTON – CMS plans to expand a prior authorization process for two complex rehab codes nationwide on July 17 and the agency, for the most part, has the blessing of industry stakeholders.

Seat elevation: Users rally around improved technology

Stakeholders say they’re committed to working with Medicare to get it covered

WASHINGTON – There was important work to do to protect accessories during the recent National CRT Conference, but the talk of the town may have been seat elevation technology.

Managed care big topic at rehab conference

‘We had 16 speakers from 14 individual MCOs,’ says Sandy Cormier

PLANO, Texas – If you’re an independent rehab provider in a state as big as Texas, you need to get together with your colleagues from across the state, on occasion, to keep from getting overwhelmed.

AAH marries rehab and retail

‘It’s time to get serious’ about cash, says provider Nancy Froslie

WASHINGTON – As changes in federal and state reimbursement structures continue to squeeze their revenue streams, complex rehab and mobility providers of all shapes and sizes are increasingly trying to diversify their product lines and customer profiles.