All's NOT well in Wellsville

NCART began distributing \"All\'s NOT well in Wellsville\" in July to illustrate the impact of repeated cuts to Medicare reimbursement on access to complex rehab equipment and services.



RESNA is to blame (at least in part)
When you have hundreds (maybe thousands) of qualified (at least for Group 2) who could do the job, but the test is geared so that only 42% of non PT/OT are passing it, there is an obvious problem (in my opinion)
Yep, I agree, all's not well-Some at the very top are continuing to live "high on the hog"---ATP for Grp 2 is over kill.
One way to fix things (if only in part)-Slaughter the Cash Cow
(or at least-fence her in).

Great video. Let's continue to work for a seperate equipment category for complex rehab. Education and persistence is the key.
I am stunned that more suppliers in the industry have not viewed and passed on this video to their circle of influence. Thank you to NCART for their effort.
I have volunteered to can too.
Keep the faith!
Jim Noland