Mike Pfister, The Scooter Store

Topic: Power wheelchair giant explains its competitive bidding strategy



What a joke. The scooter Store was investigated by the department of Justice and charged with fraud. See link:
Why should they be able to participate in the program? Let's put the fox in the hen house

We can all thank the Scooter Store for prepayment audits. I am very happy about the 13 month payments.This will seperate the good companies from the fly by nights and make large companies resposible for 1 year.

Interesting take on it "rehab dealer", because that article also states, "The civil settlement also resolves claims in a suit brought by a whistleblower who was a former employee of The SCOOTER Store. As a result of the settlement, the whistleblower will receive $3,228,251 as the statutory award, and the whistleblowers’ suit also will be dismissed." I'm not going to be so quick to judge The Scooter Store based on this alone. The Scooter Store has done a lot of good, despite a few mistakes