Robert McCoy, Valley Inspired Products

Topic: What we\'re missing: Strong science for long-term oxygen therapy



Bob tells it like it is! He is the best! What a shame more doctors don't attend and learn more about what they prescribe, they need to 'listen' to Bob 'and' patients, the VALUE of outcome of using LTOT for me was to regain fitness and even walk half marathons at age 73 while using high flows of supplemental oxygen good for lungs, breathing, like an anti depressant and helping the immune system. Only 4 colds in 8 years now. oxygen has given me quality of life. that is the

That is the value of using your oxygen,longer life, prevent heart complications I test POC's from the patient's perspective - Bob influenced my use of O2.

I was a patient in attendance at the LTOT Symposium and had the opportunity to meet Bob, and talk with some of the doctors, RT's and DME reps there. I was pleased to be able to participate in a workshop about oxygen conserving devices. Thanks, Bob, for all that you are doing for us!!