Is anything profitable anymore?

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Yes, there are ways to make money in the current market.

Change is Afoot: Is Your Ventilator Program Up to Speed?

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HME suppliers who rent ventilators are intimately aware of the recent HCPCS changes and reimbursement reductions that CMS deployed for this product category on Jan. 1, 2016.

And Then There Were Two – The DME MAC Migration of 2016

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CMS has shuffled the DME MAC deck and two previously contracted agencies are out. It’s winners take all for Noridian and Cigna Government Services (CGS), which each walked away with contracts to service two jurisdictions.

A Look Ahead: Reimbursement & Legal Headliners & Guidance for 2016

Future uncertain? Move forward with expert advice on critical DME topics

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2016 finds many HME suppliers uncertain about the future. Don’t let this uncertainty prevent you from moving forward. The first quarter is a critical time for planning your next steps for the year ahead.

The DME Cash Crunch: Where is Your Revenue Getting Stuck?

Reclaim your money

Suppliers are struggling with evasive and escalating AR challenges, and with national price reductions rolling out in January, this means an increasing cash crunch. Now’s the time to figure out where your “real money” is and why it’s getting stuck.

AR Management: It’s Time to Rethink Your Denials

The flipside of denials

Denials stand between you and reimbursement. But denials can also be an important learning tool for your organization to identify process weaknesses, mine valuable payer intelligence and, ultimately, prevent future denial occurrences.  In this webcast, Reimbursement Consultant Andrea Stark partne