NCART rallies for support

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

WASHINGTON – NCART is calling on industry stakeholders to contact their members of Congress before their holiday break about supporting legislation to protect accessories for complex rehab manual wheelchairs. “Congress needs to hear from CRT advocates this week, as they are planning action on certain bills before they adjourn for the holidays,” wrote Don Clayback, executive director, in a bulletin. “We’ve been communicating with our congressional champions who are working behind the scenes on our behalf, but we need your help to elevate the collective ‘CRT voice’ this week.” Stakeholders can go to to contact members of Congress to support H.R. 2293, a bill to suspend bid pricing for accessories for complex rehab manual wheelchairs for 18 months and to permanently exempt complex rehab manual wheelchairs from the program; and S. 1223, a bill that would exempt complex rehab manual and power wheelchairs and any wheelchair accessory, cushion or back when furnished in connection with a wheelchair from bid pricing.