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Ahead of the show, the show must go on

Ahead of the show, the show must go on

Wouldn't you just know? With a hectic next week expected, what with Medtrade and all, one hoped this week would slide gently into the weekend.

Not a chance. As I write this, associate editor Tracy is putting the finishing touches on our top Newswire story: the introduction late yesterday of a Senate bill on the CRT accessories issue. She came in early this morning to get a jump on it.

Speaking of early mornings, I know Editor Liz loves her early morning earnings calls. This week: Invacare and ResMed both reported in.

I caught up with AAHomecare's Kim Brummett to get the deets on the tweaks OMHA has made to its appeals settlement process (hint: not a lot of changes).

I also have put the finishing prelim touches on the show dailies for next week and our editorial team has a plan in place for covering the show. We're eyeing the Brightree Summit, updates on ICD-10 and complex rehab, the always popular AAHomecare reception, and a possible sheep.

Fun fact: I awoke in the wee hours this morning thinking "Oh, it's Saturday, no need to get up early," immediately followed by 'Oh no! Did I forget to drop my computer off at FedEx?!' With relief, I realized it was only Friday.

All of this pales, however, in comparison to the sad start of the week, when we learned that VGM's Van G. Miller died on Sunday. Our condolences.

See you in Atlanta!


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