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CTF amps up website

CTF amps up website Organization also ‘opens up’ email list

YARMOUTH, Maine - The Clinician Task Force’s website now has a “Resources” tab to house all of the papers that its work groups have published. 

They include a Telehealth Flow Chart, Telehealth Examples and Standing Frame Evidence, with Power Standing Flow Chart and Denial Roadmap to come soon.  

“They can be downloaded and used for advocacy and for reference and all the good things,” said Cara Masselink, executive director of the CTF.  

The new tab is part of an overall revamp of the website, 

The CTF also plans to add a “subscribe here” link on the website for people who want to receive periodic updates from the organization, like when it has news to share or it publishes a new paper. 

“We’ve decided to open it up and add on another email list,” Masselink said. “So if you are part of the industry, but you are not part of the CTF, and you want to know what’s going on, you can subscribe.”  

Additionally, the CTF plans to add to the website, with Mike Babinec’s help, links to Medicaid policies and fee schedules for each of the 50 states. 

“Our hope is to put that on our website as a live document so that people can go to the links but not edit them, and we will periodically review them to make sure they’re up to date,” Masselink said.


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