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Is everyone just winter weary?

Is everyone just winter weary?

I had to laugh, even though it's really kind of sad. A Boston Herald article about the ongoing jury selection process for the Boston Marathon bomber featured this quote from the manager of a home medical equipment company. Apparently he hasn't given the bombings

“any thought. It's none of my business. If it doesn't involve me, I don't need to be involved.”

Granted, there's no larger context here to put his comments into perspective, but still. What a thing to say!

I'll bet when he read those comments in print, he was damn glad he has anonymity.

Unfortunately, this caught my eye because I know there are many providers out there who have had a similar attitude toward things like, oh say, competitive bidding. It's not in their area, so they don't need to worry.

Until they do. With bid pricing being implemented nationwide in 2016 (that's less than a year away), I imagine those fence sitters are starting to feel a few splinters.

Still, there are always new people getting involved, as Rose Schafhauser said in an editorial she published last week. She got three calls from non-members needing information. She converted one caller to member, and one caller planned to speak to the boss about becoming a member. The third caller did not sign up, but Rose holds out hope they'll think about it in the future.

This isn't quite the same thing, but it came up for discussion this morning. We have noticed an unfortunate trend in our monthly HME NewsPoll. They aren't getting nearly the response they used to. In its heyday, the poll could be counted on for 300 or 400 responses. The most recent? 41.

I know, I know, everyone's tired of bidding and audits and trying to make a living but it's good to hear your voices. Speak up, call or write your lawmakers (or your favorite industry publication). Those who do let us know what's going on, as always, I offer thanks.

I'll assume the rest of you are buried under the snow.

Theresa Flaherty


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