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Medtrade Spring 2018: Retail buzz and the Rolling Stones

Medtrade Spring 2018: Retail buzz and the Rolling Stones

Tom Ryan has a chip on his shoulder. Ryan, as many of you know, was a DME owner before taking the reins at AAHomecare. Before competitive bidding killed a solid, independent business of 20 years.

“I'm still that disgruntled DME owner, “ he told attendees at this morning's Washington Update. “I still have that chip.”

He's in good company here at Medtrade Spring. Not that the show floor was flooded with outwardly disgruntled providers today, but they are all here looking for a different slice of the pie—preferably as far away from Medicare reimbursement as possible.

As Seth Johnson told me before the first educational session he attended this week on retail: “There's a lot of buzz around retail.”

Jeff Baird agrees. As one of the 78 million baby boomers planning to continue attending Rolling Stones concerts and participating in strenuous sounding sports, he's willing to pay cash when he inevitably needs one of your products to help him do this.

“The retail market is wide open,” he said.

I hung at the booth quite a bit today and spoke with a variety of folks, reassuring them that yes, HME News really is located in Maine and we really do live there (we know, we're lucky). We've long promised the aforementioned Jeff Baird lobster if he ever makes the trek.

I love meeting providers. My apologies to Johnny (I'll withhold your last name) for putting you on the spot for a quote when you were innocently trying to introduce yourself after several years of communicating via email.

And finally, speaking of names, for those of you wondering who the mysterious @lisawe is—and wondering whether you should follow her—that I included in a tweet after meeting Sara Struwe of the Spina Bifida Association, it was merely a failed attempt at tagging Lisa Wells, who introduced us.

See you all at AAHomecare in 14 minutes.


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