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Medtronic aims to ‘bridge’ coverage gaps 

Medtronic aims to ‘bridge’ coverage gaps 

DUBLIN – The biggest barrier to CGMs and other innovative diabetes technology is cost, says Medtronic, and that’s why the company recently launched a CGM Access Discount Program for certain users. 

“Our goal is to make therapy available to everyone and we hear cost is one of the top reasons they can’t go on CGMs or fall off (using CGMs),” says Krista Sugerman, vice president of global customer engagement for Medtronic. “We try to dive into what the customers are telling us. It’s also supplies and everything that goes along with it.” 

The discount program allows users with a valid prescription but who don’t have insurance coverage or who have switched insurance or have lost coverage to access discounted out-of-pocket costs for a Medtronic CGM. The discount enables eligible patients to pay $180 for a Medtronic CGM (with a 12-month warranty) and $60/month for sensors.  

Earlier this year, Medtronic also expanded its Medtronic Assurance program for U.S. customers who lost jobs and health insurance due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Our goal is to provide a bridge until we get there from a complete payer solution,” said Sugerman. “We are excited to do everything we can from an awareness and advocacy and support (perspective).” 

That payer solution got a little more complete, Sugerman says, when CMS in October released a proposed rule that, if finalized, would expand coverage for CGMs for Medicare beneficiaries, a growing base of users of the technology. 

“We have a lot of our own patients aging into Medicare who were faced with the challenge of having to go off therapy,” she said. “We think CMS’s proposal is a great initial step to put patients first and empower them.” 

That’s an important step, Sugerman says, because while coverage for the devices by many private insurers has “come a long way,” some will always wait to follow Medicare’s lead. 

“The trend toward more CGM adoption and the importance within the diabetes communities of wearing CGMs and the data behind that is (creating) even more of a loud voice, which is great,” she said. 


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