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Mom, margaritas and Medicare Advantage

Mom, margaritas and Medicare Advantage

Medicare AdvantageMy mom and I don’t talk on the phone every week, but we do check in on the important stuff. Take a recent phone call from mom. 

Me: Hi Mom, what’s up?  

Mom: We’re having a neighborhood margarita contest and I plan to win, so I wanted to get your recipe. 

Me: Well, I think I just make them really strong?* 

Fast forward to this week and all we seem to be talking about here at HME News is Medicare Advantage. Now, Mom has been talking up a storm about how much better her new Medicare plan is, which is a refreshing change from her complaints about fee-for-service Medicare. As a reporter, I’m always looking for material and family doesn’t get a pass. 

Me: Hey, Mom, is your new Medicare plan a Medicare Advantage plan, because I want to interview you about it for work. 

Mom: Yes, it is. (As the mother of a reporter, she knows how to roll.) I got stuff in the mail that I was eligible, so I made a call and then I got inundated from everyone. Most of them were men and they just weren’t very good at explaining anything. You wouldn’t buy anything from them. Then I got this one girl who was wonderful, and she got me the Tufts plan.  

Me: So, Tufts should be a pretty decent plan, especially since you are in Massachusetts? 

Mom: I‘d never really even heard of Tufts, but then I remembered Dick and Barb had it. UnitedHealthcare was the first company that called me, and I originally signed up with them but then I cancelled. I had originally called to see if Aetna had a supplement and they said no. Then they called and tried to sell me one. I said I called you people and you said no.  

Me: I assume you’ve seen all the Medicare Advantage commercials on TV? 

Mom: This was the first year I noticed that. I noticed because of the Good Times guy. I can’t stand him; he drives me nuts. (Apparently, Jimmie Walker is not dynomite! with my mom.) 

Me: Have you used the new plan yet? 

Mom: Yes, I went to have my shots for my knees. With the different plan, they gave me different shots. That was news to me, too. I also went to the dentist because it comes with dental but my dentist wasn’t in the plan, so I had to pay. I still have the girl’s contact info, so I’ll talk to her about the dental. The men are terrible, just a bunch of facts.  

So there you have it folks, straight from a Medicare beneficiary. And I know providers are a little salty on the plans, but also think Medicare Advantage is going to continue to shake things up. 

*Shake 2 ounces of premium silver tequila with 2 ounces of triple sec. Pour over ice in glass with salted rim. Squeeze in fresh lime juice to taste.  


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