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Motion grows accessibility biz, seeks ‘normalcy’

Motion grows accessibility biz, seeks ‘normalcy’

TORONTO – Motion will use its recent acquisition of Sage Seniors’ Resources to expand its foothold in Saskatoon, the largest city in the province of Saskatchewan, and expand its home accessibility business. 

“The location is on the other side of Saskatoon, so it's quite far from (our two existing) sites,” said Thecla Sweeney, Executive Chair and CEO of Motion. “We looked at their product offering and it was a really nice compliment to what we were doing there. It was also the perfect location to introduce Motion’s Safe at Home program to the Saskatoon market.” 

Founded in 1997, Sage Seniors’ Resource offers power wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, stairlifts and ramps, walkers, transfer and lift systems, as well as bathroom safety products and aids to daily living.  

Motion’s Safe at Home program is a “big growth avenue” for the company, Sweeney says. 

“The reality is folks want to age in place, and all of these products enable people to do that,” she said. “We have a focused effort and a dedicated team and we're seeing some terrific momentum there.” 

With 53 locations across five Canadian provinces—and counting—Motion is well on its way to being able to provide products and services across Canada, Sweeney says. 

“That's what we're working toward, and then a nice, robust accessibility and mobility business, as well as service, that would be my plan,” she said. “I think we've got lots of great opportunities here, whether it's geographic expansion or product and service expansion.” 

While Motion is actively looking at acquisitions, the No. 1 thing Sweeney is looking for in 2022 is “a bit of normalcy.” 

“One of our biggest territories, Ontario, has been one of the most locked down places during the last two years, so I think the change we're looking forward to is everybody being at work, not having to isolate, and having our clients into locations on a more consistent basis,” she said.


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