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Pirate's Booty

Pirate's Booty

I was eating celery with cream cheese yesterday as an afternoon snack (really, I was eating cream cheese, the celery a mere vehicle) and thinking it was lucky editor Liz was out. I know she finds the crunch annoying.

As I munched, I was reading a summary from the sales team about their West Coast sales trip and learned that Mick Farrell of ResMed fame is trying to be more engaged with social media and if the good folks at HME News could follow him on Twitter (@ResMedMick) that'd be great. I hadn't even known he was on there, but I follow him now.

I always appreciate it when people let me know things like this, it's so easy to get lost in the clutter online. Although there are more providers and others in the HME industry turning to social media, it seems like it's been a slow migration.

Myself, I find Twitter at times variously amusing/annoying/informative/misleading but I focus on the amusing and informative.

For example, without Twitter, I would never have known it was Healthy Lunch Day. Alas, my lunch was only semi healthy, although my afternoon snack today was a salad—better than the bag o' fake cheesy puffs associate editor Tracy has been rattling around with this week.

I also learned (gasp!) that Liz eats and feeds “the kid” Pirate's Booty. To understand my shock, please know that Liz thinks it's worthwhile to press her own coffee beans and make her own granola, despite having a one-year-old.

Pirate Booty! 


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