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Prochant tries to stay ahead of disruption

Prochant tries to stay ahead of disruption

Joey GrahamCHARLOTTE, N.C. – Prochant has rolled out a new program called Prochant Pulse that marries its analytics platform with coaches and made it available to non-clients. 

“What Pulse does is bring a coach to the table to work with that provider to really understand their business, establish a baseline and determine initial priorities,” said Joey Graham, chief revenue officer. “Is their AR way too high? How do we bring that down and, by doing that, bring other metrics down?” 

Providers can customize the program as they see fit, opting to meet with their coach once a week, once a month or even once a quarter. 

While Prochant has its roots in providing billing services to providers, Pulse allows them to elevate their businesses and manage more of it themselves – with the help of a financial expert, Graham says. 

“They’re not outsourcing anything,” he said. “We’re treating them like part of our internal team.” 

Pulse is the latest step by Prochant to position itself as not only a services company but also a software company, Graham says. 

“That’s our strategic play,” he said. “We’re building a portfolio of software revenue to complement our services business.” 

It’s software and automation that will benefit from a wave of disruption taking place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Great Resignation, inflation and other challenges, Graham says. 

“We’re trying to get in front of that disruption and do some of the disrupting ourselves,” he said. “It won’t happen overnight, but we’re getting ourselves ready.” 

The timing of Pulse’s launch coincided with a new vendor partnership with VGM & Associates that brings the company’s services and software in front of a larger pool of potential clients. 

“We look forward to working with the members of the association and the HME industry, as a whole, to better raise awareness of best practices for revenue cycle management,” said Chuck Ellis, marketing director.


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