Is bid fix up in the air?


For HME providers who have wondered what HHS Secretary and industry champion Tom Price has been up to while they wait for a competitive bidding fix, we now have an answer.


Like most of America, we here in the HME News newsroom have watched in fascination and horror as the reports on Price’s penchant for private charters proliferate.

This is a man tasked with making billion$$$ in $$$pending cut$$$ who thinks it’s somehow acceptable to spend $400,000 (so far) on private charter planes. At first he tried to spin it as being able to meet with regular ‘ol Americans, but I don’t know too many Americans who regularly charter Learjets.

If the latest headlines are to be believed, his job might even be on the line over this (in which case, take Steve Mnuchin as well—please). I don’t have an opinion on whether he should be fired.

In the meantime, I am sure there are many in the HME industry holding their collective breath right about now, fearful that we’ve come this far only to see a huge backslide should Price leave his position.

Stay tuned.