Calling all complex rehab providers for The Golden Globes of the HME industry...sort of.


Complex rehab is arguably the most service-intensive segment of the HME industry. So if there are providers out there who deserve recognition for what they do, they're complex rehab providers.

That's why it's too bad that, while we have more total applications for our HME Excellence Awards this year than in recent memory, we don't have many applications for the complex rehab category. (The other categories: HME and respiratory.)

Executive Editor Mike Moran, who's in charge of this whole awards thing, tells me that of the about 70 applications we've received so far, only about 15 are from complex rehab providers.

"Applications for the awards are coming in fast and furious-except for complex rehab," he said. "We can and should do better than that."

Sure, we know that complex rehab is the smallest of the three categories and we applaud the complex rehab providers who have already submitted their applications. But we know there are more of you out there.

And sure, we know complex rehab providers have a lot on their plates right now, with trying to create a separate benefit and all, but here's the thing: Part of those efforts is raising complex rehab's profile and the HME Excellence Awards can help you do that by giving one of you some serious street cred. (No...I'm not competitive at all!)

Plus, I promise you won't break a sweat by going to the HME Excellence Awards website and filling out a 1-page application.

The awards are co-sponsored by AAHomecare and Medtrade (I know you've heard of them), and the winners in each category will be chosen by a panel of industry stakeholders and announced at Medtrade Spring in April in Las Vegas.

The deadline to submit your application is Feb. 15. Just do it.

Liz Beaulieu