Discussion at the Summit: How do you grow your top line and manage your bottom line?


Attendees tell us time and time again that one of the things they like most about the HME News Business Summit is the opportunity to network with their peers. The event provides several opportunities to do this—attendees each lunch together, go to the same social functions and participate in small group workshops.

This year, there’ll be one more opportunity.

The winners of the 2013 HME Excellence Awards have graciously agreed to sit on a panel to discuss not only their successes but also their frustrations.

These three providers, like you, live in a world of competitive bidding and audits. Amidst all of that that, they, like you, are trying to grow their top line and manage their bottom line.

How do they do it?

I had a call this week with these three providers and moderator Miriam Lieber. Here’s a sneak peek of what will likely be up for discussion:

What are the top three initiatives that you’ve undertaken in the past year?

When it comes to Medicare, what are you doing to offset losses in revenue due to reduced reimbursement?

How are you retooling your expense structure?

What non-Medicare/Medicaid revenue sources are you seeking? When it comes to third-party payers, how do you go after this business? How do you determine whether to accept a contract?

How do you use software in your business?

What is your strategy for dealing with audits?

How do you manage costs but still give back to the community?

This panel brings networking—provider to provider—to a whole new level.